Season of 2018!!!

Soon the crew will start it’s work on the boat. Refurnishing, painting and complete checkup.
This is mandatory work in each year, for boats such as ours, whom are made of oak.

We are looking forward to the season of 2018 and hope it will be as great as all seasons in the past.
Still, there has not been a tour with us where we didn’t see seals. Bad weather is, of course, always tricky.

We hope for some nice weather days during the 4 1/2 month that our tours are scheduled on.
Starting on the 15th of May we also hope to see alot of new guests on our tours,
all the way through till the end of September.

You can book with us now on our webpage;
Or you can send mail at for reserving a space on our tours as well as for asking general questions.

Until then, greetings from the crew of Sealwatching.
Make sure you visit the informative Seal Center here with us.
And safe travels to all.
We look forward in meeting all who pass through our little town of Hvammstangi.

Best regards.
The Sealwatching crew 🙂